Your Guide to Direct Mail

Printigree can help your organization design, print, and distribute direct mail campaigns.

Direct mail is a form of direct marketing in which physical promotional materials are sent to prospective or existing customers in the hopes of attaining their business or nurturing an ongoing relationship.

In plain English, it’s when a company or organization sends out advertising mail to attract new business or pass along relevant information to previous or existing customers. It usually includes an offer to entice recipients to respond. That might be a fundraiser, new service offered or a special promotion.

There are a lot of ways to deliver direct mail. There are ways to filter who your mail is sent to:

  • Route (city, rural/highway/P.O. box)
  • Business & residential or residential only
  • Age range (18-85+)
  • Avg. household size
  • Ave. household income
  • Geographic regions down to individual mail routes.

Here's a break down of what it would cost to send a 6.5x9" postcard to 5000 recipients (95% of Oneonta residential addresses):

  • Postcards - 6.5x9", 14pt Gloss Cardstock, Full-color front, BW back, 5000 units = $484.99
  • Postage - Bulk rate for above size/weight unit = $934.99
  • Indicia Fee - Printigree's fee for using our indicia (specialized USPS account) = $499.99
  • List verification fee - We check that all your addresses are correct = $39.99
  • 5000 units = $1,959.95 ($0.39/unit)

Prices will vary based on list size, unit size/weight, turn-around time and postage class. The above example also assumes that the design is completed by the customer and is "print-ready". We offer a very affordable design rate of $70/hour if you need to have a design created for you. Designs for direct mail have some technical details you have to get right in order for your piece to be mailable.

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